Wednesday, 22 April 2009

BBC Radio features Roy Wood.

On 18 April 2009 BBC Radio 6 broadcast the extended version of an episode featuring the unique talents of Roy Wood in their ongoing series entitled 'The Record Producers'. A shorter version was aired on BBC Radio 2 earlier the same week.

Featuring interviews with Jeff Lynne and others, this jaw-droppingly awesome broadcast focuses mainly on Roy's production work with ELO, Wizzard and The Move as well his solo recordings.

The show can be heard for a limited time via BBC iplayer at the following link:

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Jeff Cooper said...

After listening to this programme I've been playing the first ELO album alot during the last few days. As a result I've fallen in love all over again with the following Jeff Lynne tunes: 'Mr. Radio', 'Nellie Takes Her Bow' and 'Queen Of The Hours'. I know these are part of the early raw (raucous!) ELO sound, but IMHO they are works of overlooked genius from the band's back catalogue and no mistake! While I'm at it, not many fans will admit to liking Roy's instrumental track 'Battle Of Marston Moor'. Bev Bevan went on record stating he hated this enough to refuse to play drums on it. I have to be in the right mood to listen all the way through, but whenever I do I can't help thinking, "...there's nothing else quite like this - it can only be a Roy Wood ELO track and it's bloody brilliant"!